Mo Chit 2 Terminal
Mo Chit 2 Terminal

Mo Chit Terminal 2 bus station or Chatuchak bus station or Mo Chit 2 as most call it, is deceivinging easy to get to. You need to understand that there is a BTS (Skytrain) stop called Mo Chit, which is right on top of the Chatuchak MRT (Subway) stop but this is not the same as Mo Chit 2 bus station. Mo Chit 2 bus station is a 30 minute taxi or city bus ride away from Mo Chit BTS/Chatuchak MRT.

Bangkok’s bus stations each serve a different region of the country. Sai Tai serves the West and South (all the great beaches), Mo Chit 2 serves North and Northeast (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Laos, etc), and Ekamai bus station serves the East (Pattaya, Koh Chang, Cambodia, etc).

To get to Mo Chit bus station;
1) Go to Mo Chit BTS (exit 1 or 3) or Chatuchak MRT (exit 1)
2) Take a taxi (~50 baht depending on traffic or;
3) Take pale-orange bus 77 (17 baht) or dark-orange bus 77 (8 baht), Air-conditioning is main difference

Mo Chit 2 dark-orange
Mo Chit 2 dark-orange

Note: There are some small white mini vans that take you to Mo Chit 2 bus station from the same MRT/BTS exit. There’s nothing wrong with them but we like to take the bigger air-conditioned buses so that’s what we recommend.

Mo Chit 2 dark-orange
Mo Chit 2 dark-orange

If you take the pale-orange bus 77 you will be dropped off at the rear of the bus terminal and will need to walk through the market to get to the main entrance. Just follow the people since you’re all going to the same place. If you take the dark-orange bus 77 you are dropped off at the front of the bus terminal on the other side of the highway. Again, follow the others and take the stairs to cross over the highway with the catwalk. You can’t miss the station, it’s huge.

Keep in mind that many of the bus company headquarters are within a few kilometers of Mo Chit 2 bus station and you can board the bus there as well. However, unless your ticket says or you contact Pombai Customer Service and they tell you otherwise, the departure time is listed from Mo Chit 2 and not from the company HQ. Some companies have nice lounges and there is an advantage to show up there and relax a bit but your seat will remain reserved for you regardless of where you get on the bus. Just be careful not to miss the bus because you went to the wrong location.

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